“Life moves so fast. Now even faster than ever before. Photography allows us to slow down the pace of life and freeze time. It helps us remember our loved ones and it tells a story about us. Photography is also about finding beauty. How cool is that?” Shem.

Captivated by people, their movements, expressions, personality and the stories they have to tell, instantly sparked Shem’s love for photography.

What started out as a hobby, Shem soon found himself finely tuning his skills and honing his craft, experimenting with various lenses, filters and techniques to become a highly skilled professional photographer. He also spent a lot of time learning how to use professional editing programs that allow him to transform a good image into a truly great one.

But it wasn’t always people who prompted Shem’s love affair with photography. Shem would shoot lots of different things around him including animals, fashion, and even artistic portraits.

It wasn’t until he became a father that ignited his true love of photography. As a professional child photographer, Shem found himself, like any new parent, photographing his little boy a lot, prompting him to learn how to photograph children.

Shem’s life revolves very much around his children, and when he is not working you will find him spending quality time with his family, time that inspires many of his shoots.

However, Shem also draws inspiration from everything that surrounds him. From beautiful landscapes, architecture and even other photographer’s work, Shem has earned a reputation in Glasgow and beyond as a portrait photographer who pushes the boundaries to produce exquisite work.

Describing himself as positive, reliable and passionate, Shem’s services cover fun wedding photography as well as children and family portraits. When it comes to providing wedding photography, Shem particularly likes the adrenaline rush that comes hand in hand with ensuring that you don’t miss those all important moments.

For Shem, he’s not afraid to step outside the box to give his clients exactly what they are looking to achieve. Whether this involves shooting a model on an alternative fashion shoot in a forest, or photographing a professional dancer in a busy city, Shem takes everything in his stride.

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