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Born out of a passion for photographing people, Strad Photography specialises in providing high quality wedding and portrait photography that captures and brings to life significant moments and memorable occasions.

Specialising in children and family photography and portraits, the founder Przemyslaw (also known as Shem), is renowned for providing an outstanding photography service. As a highly skilled portrait photographer in Glasgow, Shem never fails to capture intimate moments and images that capture the very heart of family life.

As a self confessed perfectionist, Shem adopts the ethos that the best way to achieve optimum results, is to work in a fun and relaxed atmosphere – paying close attention to every detail of the image from the location to the lighting, and from the camera angle to the over all positioning and feel of the image.

Having worked on a vast range of projects, this professional wedding photographer Glasgow has an extensive portfolio covering a number of photographic areas, highlighting his commitment to getting the best out of people, and capturing moments of natural human interaction that provoke powerful reactions.

Inspired by human engagement and the effect images have on people, Strad Photography offers a number of services that include wedding photography and children and family photo shoots.

Combining an eye for capturing the perfect image with extensive technical experience, knowledge and ability, Strad Photography will ensure that your moment is documented in a way that meets your exact requirements and personal preference.

Above all, it’s Shem’s unimposing nature, professionalism and ability to exceed his client’s expectations time after time, that allows Strad Photography to offer a unique experience when it comes to capturing life’s magical moments.

If you’re looking for a friendly portrait or wedding photographer in Glasgow, Shem offers a range of unique packages.

Life often flashes before our eyes – make sure you have a visual story worth looking back on.